CUSAFE – College & University Safety Assessment for Excellence Program

Clearly, one of the highest priorities of college and university executives and administrators is to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students and staff. The Doherty Group is uniquely positioned, given its background and experience in both university security and law enforcement, to provide an independent, in-depth assessment and evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses in security present on a campus. This assessment can also include a review of existing policies and procedures as they relate to environmental health and safety as well as crisis management and training. The Doherty Group has some of the most experienced practitioners in the business. Topics such as Emergency Evacuation or Active Shooter, as uncomfortable as these topics are, should include plans that are routinely reviewed, distributed and practiced. The Doherty Group assessment will conclude with a summary of findings complete with actionable recommendations. Those universities and colleges exhibiting strong safety measures and demonstrated preparedness will receive the exceptional and proprietary CUSAFE endorsement.