Private Investigations

The Doherty Group’s Private Investigations team is located in Rhode Island serving the greater Providence area and all of Rhode Island and Massachusetts and is comprised of seasoned private investigators with unmatched experience in corporate and financial investigations. These types of private investigative solutions must be conducted with the utmost confidentiality understood by the experts at the Doherty Group. Our corporate investigations are conducted this way not only to protect an employee against irreparable harm if an allegation is unfounded or not true, but also to protect the company from a damaged reputation if false information were to be disseminated. 

Among many reasons, corporate and financial investigations may be necessary to protect a company network, to protect company information, or to protect against the theft of proprietary information. A company may call on the Doherty Group for other areas of concern as well, that could call for a forensic audit, or it could be a human resource issue where there is an allegation of inappropriate behavior or conduct in the workplace. This behavior must be investigated, and if not investigated, could cause great harm to a company’s reputation. Private investigations such as these need to be handled swiftly and information emanating from corporate investigation inquiries must be guarded and treated as confidential. Trust the experts at Doherty Group to professionally execute your corporate investigation.

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